Architecture studio Valencia

In this proposal for our architecture firm, we were looking for a clean solution that guarantees an architecture without prominence, that leaves room to work, trying to make the most of local conditions and environment. We faced the challenge of creating a substantially transparent and adequately lit space, to form areas with different levels of privacy, but strongly interrelated. To achieve this, we subdivided the space into two levels and partially compartmentalize them with a combination of translucent and opaque materials. The goal of is this project has been to find an atmosphere of our own, in which the sun, sifting through the vinyl windows, would flood the studio with a perfect diffuse light for a local of these characteristics, creating a space that fosters creativity and teamwork.

Tipology: Interiorism
Location: Sanchis Guarner square 1 (bajo). Silla (Valencia)
Date: 2007-2009