Thanks to the formation of our team, and our extensive network of partners, the Architecture division is complemented with the Engineering division, allowing us to cover all stages and aspects of the projects.
We introduce sustainability and energy savings in all our work, applying our experience in our projects with renewable energy to maximize each project’s potential.

From Aurea Arquitectos we offer writing all the reports, inspections and certificates required in a building in Spain.

Our engineering service includes the following fields:
  • Calculation of structures and foundations.
  • Calculation of installations: electrical, plumbing, air conditioning.
  • Energy Efficiency Studies: energy efficiency, solar and geothermal.
  • Urban Infrastructure Projects
  • ICE (Report of Conservation and Energy Assessment of the building).
  • ITE. (Technical Inspection of Buildings).
  • Energy Certifications.
  • ICT Projects (Common Telecommunications Infrastructure)
  • Acoustic Projects