López Housing Refurbishment

The owners, a young couple with two children, wanted to convert the original space, a dull and compartmentalised 150 m2 office, into a home with spacious, interconnected rooms where light would flood in. To achieve this, the floor plan was reorganised, as the office had only one bathroom and no kitchen, differentiating the common spaces from the private ones and getting rid of the technical ceilings.

The kitchen was opened up to the living room, thus becoming the centre of daily life, creating a continuous and connected space from which it is possible to maintain visual contact and continue to partici

All the rooms arising from this approach to the home show continuity thanks to the use of a neutral white base. This base is in turn combined with natural tones such as the oak-finish flooring, present in most of the rooms, creating a timeless and elegant space.

Tipology: Residential
Location: Valencia
Date: December 2019