Vedreño house

The small space that features the stairwell and the need to filter the light from the top floor towards the bottom floor, conditioned this design. We set out to design a lightweight and permeable element that subtly reclaimed its prominence. To this end we decided on a staircase without risers, materialized in white metal, stainless steel and wood. The handrail is made of continuous stainless steel that is based on slim metal rods that give certain weightlessness. To design the steps we were inspired by origami and geometry, resulting in a permeable element, which filters the light coming from the floor and thus illuminating the bottom. Finally, closely related to stair design, we developed a large shelf that adapted to the whole set and completes the design of the space maximizing it.

Tipology: Single family house
Location: Silla (Valencia)
Date: September 2012