Auto Sweden Renovation

The firm Auto Sweden Valencia, wanted to improve and update the multipurpose room and the changing room of its workers. For this aim, they contracted our advisory services, as well as the complete management of the work.

Regarding the requirements of the functional program, the multipurpose room is most commonly used as a dining room for workers, but it also accommodates teaching and informative activities of the team, therefore, the environment should be broad, well illuminated and with adequate acoustics.

In the changing rooms, the property requirements were based on the use of easy to clean and durable surfaces. Consequently, the existing metal lockers were replaced by phenolic lockers, and the new showers are embedded in the pavement to avoid uncomfortable corners difficult to clean.

For the new image of the changing rooms, the gray and white chromatic line of the signature and the wooden finish of the lockers and doors go together, conferring a Nordic style that bring the project closer to the Swedish design of their vehicles.

Tipology: Business
Location: Valencia
Date: January 2018