Rios Swimming Pool

The project for this swimming pool arose from the owners’ desire to enrich the existing courtyard with a more complete recreational area with different uses. On the one hand, the swimming pool was essential to enjoy the courtyard in the hottest months, together with the possibility of having an outdoor area for barbecues with friends and family.

The resource that has been used in order to maximise the space for bathing has been to move the access steps with respect to the sheet of water. In addition, it has been decided to use white as the predominant colour, as it is not only ideal for keeping the heat at bay, but also manages to provide greater amplitude to the space. In order to achieve a relaxing sensation, this shade is also used for the pool’s stoneware, as it reflects the light in the water, resulting in a very attractive greenish-blue tone.

As for the filtration and water treatment equipment, a piece of furniture has been designed to house them, which also serves as an installation, storage and barbecue room, combining functionality and aesthetics.

Tipology: Single family house
Location: Silla (Valencia)
Date: July 2018