Cycle park

The spirit of this project is to contribute in building a more sustainable city, awareness of the environment and to promote the use of cycling as transportation in the centre of Valencia.
The area of operation of the contest is one that has the highest concentration of business and leisure activities in Valencia.
Many important points of sales as El Corte Inglés, recreation areas, libraries, museums, unique places and the Mercado de Colón, are next to CTAV and at the same time next to the proposed location of the parking of bicycles and motorcycles.
This project establishes connections between all these points we consider the beginning and end of a cycling road with an infinite number of possible paths.

The proposed system is intended to be a solution that extends beyond limits, being flexible and able to adapt to each of the spaces where the paths lead us.
Design flexibility is the origin of our proposal that revolves around radius and distances.
It is very important to the distribution of cycles in the scope of the project and design landmark that they will repeat themselves at any chosen point of the frame around the CTAV.

Ciclopark is a parking of both bicycles and motorcycles. The system can accommodate both a network of public and private vehicles, easily implementing an automatic closing for 24 bi/motorcycles 24-7.

Tipology: Urban equipment
Date: May 2009